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With Photography and Videography we also provide some extra beautiful features for todays modern photography world. You can select any of these as your add ons and bring your day more special than ever before.

Candid Photography

We capture all beautiful moments where nobody know where the camera is placed. We capture all funny, loveable and sweet moments without their knowledge to acquire beautiful shots for the day. It actually produces a 180degree wide angle shot where the whole hall is covered.

Romantic Outdoor

We make the couple more romantic in our most familiar outdoor shoots. Couple will be picked up to a most romantic or pleasant place and take a romantic pickle of shots with love. We make around 20 rare candid shots of them and give them with a frame and cover them with a shield.

Short crisp film

All the moments are captured into a small crisp film and be given like a movie based concept with fun filled and romantic music placed in the background. It will be good with a short film where his movie can be shown to everyone instead of putting of everything in a CD.

Drone Video Capture

To make your special day more exclusive in high level of video capturing experience we have also provide drone camera features which helps to capture all beautiful moments from top to whole new level of technology.

Live the digital Experience…

We guide you the best method for add-ons to start up with handling your business by reaching it to everyone through the multimedia platform.

Website Creation/Customisation

Starting with a well customised Blog or site is the very first step to digitising a business. It just take a few more steps to begin your business in style. We make every site more responsive with all devices and design like a pro to show you the future of your business.

Content Writing/Updates

Content writing is the most important topic we do to create a meaningful text and also improves understanding of clients exact requirements. Its not just easy to phrase, but its easy to be more active while E-Reading the contents which are updated frequently. Its also benefited while you subscribe for monthly basis or for a year contract. Now its easy to opt for your choice.


To make a business more successful Marketing and Advertisements is the perfect value addition. If your agree with the same, then your ultimate choice should be 6AS Studios. Now its not too late to add your media elements, we have many categories to chose your needs.

Search Engine Optimisation

You can be first in the market in the next 2 Years. Just incase if you have an idea to built your business to No.1 in Market. Its just a matter of time where you can easily be in top depends on your invest. Basically it needs more time to lift your business, but we gradually help you to grow your website to the top or close to it. Easy isn’t?

Smart Apps for SmartPhones…

We Take your business to the touch of everyones fingers through SmartPhones. Its really simple and easy to begin. Try it and you’ll know about your growth.

Android Apps for all devices

In the fast growing technology, people often have everything on their fingerprint. Courtesy, The Mobile phones. And the majority of peoples favourite lies with Android smart phones. To make your business reach to each and every users, the best way is to create an Android Application. And we develop the best in class Applications for Android. Invest today and see your business reach in everyones hands at ease.

IOS Apps for iPhone/iPad

Having an iPhone/iPad is a pride to everyone. Having an app for your business in iStore makes more pride. We develop best in class applications which are more customised and reliable to the end user. Create it today and you will see your business available to each and every pride customers hand.

“Our Philosophy”

We are passionate about our every designs we make to create more future endeavors.

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